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Hotels In Sydney

Holiday season is coming again, however, when it comes to taking a Christmas break people forget about the fun and entertainment that can be found at many lodging facilities. You still have time to pack your bags and go elsewhere to enjoy holidays from a different approach. Located south of the Equator, Sydney has 37 beaches where you can enjoy sunny summer time weather when you are just arriving to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

Hotels in Sydney, are a good alternative to spending Christmas, New Year’s, and Chinese New Year’s, offering white sandy beaches which are located only minutes away from hotels. From Luxury hotels such as the Meriton World Tower, Meriton Pitt Street, and the Meriton Bondi Junction, to others matching any budget, including the Ibis Hotel Darling Harbour, the Capitol Square Hotel, the Barclay Hotel, or the Best Western Hotel you will find the perfect place to stay.

People running away from harsh bitter cold winter days, may find beach barbecues, surfing, and scuba diving more enjoyable. There are also public street festivals such as Chinese New Year between January and February, while the winter is harassing those in the northern hemisphere. There are featured showboat expos during Christmas and New Year’s Eve Celebration. Hotels in Sydney need you to book your reservation in advance because they are often filled fast.

Sydney is one of the few cities in the world, in which a hotel can bring the traditional Dragon and Lion Dances, characteristic of the Chinese New Year, straight to your seat at the hotel’s venue facility. All hotels in Sydney are also equipped for business activities, but during the holiday season, leisure prevails. The Christmas spirit is more noticeable when evening falls. Nightlife in Sydney is vibrant, but during holidays they possess a special charm.

Running from Christmas to the New Year, numerous musical event are held in different locations, from hotel restaurants to the Royal Botanical Gardens. Christmas Carols rehearsals are free to enjoy, when the Sydney Youth Orchestra play at the Royal Botanical Gardens. “Carols on the Bay” play until New Year’s at the Darling Harbor’s Aquashell. “Carols in the Domain” is another main event in Sydney where some Australian celebrities get together singing Christmans carols. Chinese New Year festival gathered 500,000 people during 2006, so if you are traveling to Sydney, this is an option to extend your vacations or book a date if there is none already available for the other holiday events.

Hotels near Belmore Park offer food activities during the Chinese event, and Darling Harbor runs traditional Dragon Boat Races. Others offer tours to the Sze Yup Temple, a Taoist Church located in Evergreen. Hotels in Sydney are getting ready to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Pig next February 18, 2007 and it is recommended that you book your rooms today, if you do not want to miss this event.

Most lodging facilities also offer seasonal food at their restaurants, cafes, and room service, including special Christmas dinners to round the seasonal spirit. December 26 is boxing day where you can be free to explore some of the city’s attraction or surfing at the beach. In Addition, New Years’ bring the opportunity to celebrate dining with other guests at your hotel, or enjoying the glamorous holiday of the Sydney Harbor, where New Year’s Eve is publicly celebrated each year.

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