How to Service Residential Hot Tubs

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How to Service Residential Hot Tubs

Most of the hotels we feature provide lavish pool areas, hot tubs, and saunas, but how do you take care of these toys at home?

Everything we have seems to take regular maintenance.  Hot tubs are no exception.  Remember all those papers you got when you purchased your hot tub? One of them listed routine tasks for properly maintaining hot tubs.  You probably thought something like, “That doesn’t seem like much.  We can do all of those things.”  Then, as time goes on, and you start thinking, “Oh yes.  I’ll have to take care of that soon.” After a while you start to see signs that the hot tub is no longer functioning like it once did. The water has lost its sparkle. There seems to be a problem with the heater. The lid isn’t staying closed properly and there is a lot of debris you have to remove every time you use it.   What often happens next is a service call for help.

Hot Tubs Require the Following Maintenance:


  • Test the chemical levels of the water
  • Add the chemicals necessary to keep the water clean

During the Week

  • Check the chemical levels and keep them in balance

When you need service, there is a company in Billings MT that provides quality service for hot tubs in Billings  MT and in ground pools.  It is Five Star Pool and Spa. They are members of The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP).  They are strong believers in continuing education and are happy to share with their clients about the latest updates and technologies in the hot tubs and pool industry.  If you find yourself too busy to take proper care of your hot tub or pool, you will find that using a professional service to clean and service them is a wise investment for the endurance of your hot tub and pool. This is also important for the appearance of the hot tub or pool and the health of the people using it.  Even something as simple as an error in amount of chemicals can destroy your tub or pool.

You will find if you have you equipment that is kept in the best possible shape with the correctly balanced chemicals, the total cost of maintaining it is not as expensive as you would think.  Located in Billings MT, Five Star Pool and Spa offers all the services you need to keep your pool and hot tub running smoothly.

In addition to servicing hot tubs and pools, Five star Pool and Spa in Billings MT also does in ground pool construction.